Enroll in the QPrEPd Study

On the 26th of April 2016, Hon Cameron Dick, Minister for Health and Ambulance Services, announced a history making step forward for HIV Prevention at the Queensland AIDS Council. The QPrEPd Study will provide PrEP to 2000 gay men and men who have sex with men across Queensland in what is one of the most significant steps forward in HIV prevention in many years.
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Are you on a waiting list for the QPrepd Trial but want to start PrEP now?

If you have contact one of the QPrepd clinics and are on a waiting list for the trial, you can still access PrEP now by ordering generic PrEP online from one of the five access points below. You can then move to the QPrepd trial once your place is ready. A month course of PrEP is available online for as low as $35 a month (if you order a three month supply).

If you cannot afford PrEP via online importation you have the option to contact the PAN PrEP assistance Coupon Scheme. Click here

How do I access to PrEP (generic Truvada) online?

You can import generic Truvada® from an overseas supplier under Australia’s Personal Importation Scheme for Medicines (IPU). Under this scheme you can legally import generic Truvada® for personal use.

Before ordering generic Truvada® online you will require a prescription issued by an Australian GP or S100 prescriber. A growing list of prescribers is found on the ComePrEPd PrEP Prescriber directory.









If you are on a low income or have some financial hardship then you may be eligible for help purchasing PrEP.
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http:// http://pan.org.au/assistance-scheme/

So where can we access PrEP in Australia?

The first thing you should do if you think PrEP may be right for you is to talk to a doctor who is experienced in sexual health. Only you and your doctor are best placed to decide if PrEP is suited to you.

It is still possible to obtain generic “off label” Truvada® legally through online importation. Many Australians are doing this online already with the support of their doctors. Generics are copies of brand named drugs which are currently available from reliable overseas suppliers.

But I thought PrEP is not approved for HIV prevention in Australia?

TGA Approval for Truvada® as PrEP in Australia was announced on the 6th May 2016.
The Queensland AIDS Council (QuAC) welcomes the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)’s decision to register Truvada® for HIV prevention as a major breakthrough for HIV prevention.

How much will PrEP cost me?

Currently accessing PrEP in Australia (i.e. not covered by the PBS) is not affordable for many guys. Many guys however are accessing their medication from overseas with a medical prescription that they have obtained from Australia. These generic drugs are more affordable. Currently the cheapest option available for online importation is via Green Cross Pharmacy and DYNAMIX INTERNATIONAL- A three month supply is approximately AU$120.

What are the TGA recommendations for importing medicines for personal use?

Importing medications into Australia may be subject to import controls. Before importing medical products by mail or courier it is important to comply with Australian recommendations for importation. As import controls may change it’s important to check before you import every time.

You can legally import a three month supply of PrEP (generic Truvada®) to Australia.