PrEP Stories: Codey

Before starting PrEP my anxiety levels were quite high. Every time I had sex I’d be worried about the condom breaking and it really affected the level of enjoyment. About two years ago I had an encounter where I’d forgotten to use protection which led to a monthly course of PEP. It was a really stressful experience and one that I never want again.

When I heard about PrEP I was sceptical but I was also uneducated. I needed more information and reassurance that it actually worked and was safe.

A friend of mine had just started taking PrEP so I was able to ask questions about his experience which really helped me in taking the first step. That prompted me to do my own research and get more facts about how successful PrEP has been overseas.

I decided to go on PrEP as I am quite sexually active and wanted an extra layer of safety.  I practise safe sex most of the time but in reality slip ups happen and I wanted extra protection.

I booked my appointment with Dr Tracey at QuAC and explained why I wanted to start Prep. She was extremely thorough and explained what was involved and got me started with all of the relevant tests.

I initially ordered generic Truvada from a local chemist which was quite expensive. I then starting importing through “Green Cross Pharmacy” which was far more economical and dispatch of the medication was quite quick.

I have since moved to the QPrEPd Trial where I can now access the medication at no charge. I have been taking PrEP for over a year now and it’s awesome!

Taking PrEP has reduced the anxiety of having sex with guys, regardless of their HIV status.

It’s really helped me breakdown the stigma of having sex with positive guys and I’ve been able to learn more about HIV through conversations with guys in the positive community. Now, when I’m looking for sex a person’s HIV status is irrelevant to me and the experience is stress free and fun as it should be.

PrEP is a game changer in the battle against HIV, I’m really excited about the QPrEPd study that is now available and hope that my story encourages more people in the community to get on board.

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