PrEP Stories: Kirk

I’m going to be completely upfront and admit that I love sex without a condom. In fact out of every 10 sexual encounters (with new partners) honestly only 1 or 2 will be using a condom (even if the guys are positive).

Those ‘protected instances’ are either

  • at the insistence of my receptive partner at the time or
  • the receptive partner not being sure about their status/viral load at the time of the encounter or
  • drugs being involved

Guys please… spare me the lecture on my ethics and morals.

I’m fortunate to still be negative and I attribute this status to:

  • a fanatical testing regime for STI’s
  • not being overly sexually active

Like the advent of rapid testing, PREP has been a huge gain for the ENTIRE Australian Community.

I was first told about PREP while at one of the testing Clinics and thought about it seriously for a couple of months before having the discussion with my Doctor.

My doctor did a great job of explaining the process for obtaining PrEP and I’m comfortable with Online shopping BUT when it comes to taking medication I feel pretty vulnerable. I actually take comfort in talking through my concerns with the Pharmacists and having that human interaction when buying it.

So I’m embarrassed to say this but I actually ripped up my first prep script when the local chemist told me it’ll be $1300 for a one month’s supply!

I walked out of the Chemist furious at a government and out-dated social policy which is choosing to make this avenue cost prohibitive and therefore access to an extremely effective risk reduction tool in the transmission of HIV.

So my decision to start PREP is delayed until it’s available through local Chemists and it’s affordable (PBS subsidy would be most helpful).

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