The QPrEPd Study has now commenced.


What is the Queensland PrEP Study? (QPrEPd)


The original QPrEPd study began in September 2015 and made PrEP available to 50 people across Queensland. In April 2016, the Queensland Government announced $6 million dollar’s in funding over four years to expand the study to 2000 places.

Purpose of the QPrEPd Study

Clinical trials have shown that taking PrEP everyday along with using other HIV prevention measures like condoms and regular HIV and STI screening is the best way to reduce your chances of acquiring HIV.

The purpose of the QPrEPd Study is to examine the results of these PrEP clinical trials in the “real world” setting to show that PrEP is a feasible, safe and effective method for reducing the risk of HIV acquisition in the Queensland community.

The QPrEPd Study aims to investigate how PrEP can be provided for HIV negative people through general practitioners and sexual health clinics in Queensland and whether HIV negative people will find PrEP and the way it is delivered through this project acceptable.

Who is involved in the QPrEPd Study?

The three main agencies involved in the study are Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service (CHHS), the Queensland AIDS Council (QuAC) and the University of Queensland (UQ)

Who is eligible for the QPrEPd Study?

You are eligible for the study if you are HIV negative and are at high risk of acquiring HIV from sex or injecting drug use. This would include gay or bisexual men who have had anal sex without a condom or have been diagnosed with an STI in the past three months.

This would also include heterosexual men and women who do not regularly use condoms during sex with partners of unknown status who are at substantial risk of HIV infection; for example, people who inject drugs or women with bisexual partners.

Your own individual eligibility will be determined after consultation with a clinician at a participating site.

I am Medicare ineligible. Can I enrol in the QPrEPd  study?

Yes, you can access the QPrEPd study if you are Medicare ineligible. The PrEP medication will be free, but you may have to pay for consult fees and tests. If you have health insurance, check with your provider to see if they will cover your participation in the study.

Reciprocal Health Care Agreements

The Australian Government has signed reciprocal health care agreements with a range of  countries, which means patients from these countries may be treated free of charge at public hospitals, receive Medicare benefits and drugs under the PBS and for non-admitted services provided by private providers.

For more information about Reciprocal Heath Care Agreements, visit the Australian Department of Human services website https://www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/enablers/health-care-visitors-australia

How much will it cost?

The QPrEPd study is free for all participants. You will not have to pay for PrEP medication while you are enrolled in the study. However, if you attend a GP practice that does not bulk bill, your consult may incur a fee.

How do I enrol in the QPrEPd Study?

To enrol in the study, please contact one of the participating sites directly. Twenty study sites across Queensland have been registered.  Please refer to the site list below.

In addition, please read the QPrEPd Participant Information and Consent Form to familiarise yourself with the study before initial screening with your clinician. You can either bring this form with you to your screening visit, or the clinic can provide one for you on arrival.

QPrEPd Site List



Clinic 30, Queensland AIDS Council             Ph: 3017 1777

Gladstone Road Medical Centre                    Ph: 3844 9599

Carseldine Family Clinic                                 Ph: 3263 4500

Princess Alexandra Sexual Health Service  Ph: 3176 5881

Holdsworth House                                           Ph: 07 3894 0794


Ipswich Sexual Health Service                      Ph: 3817 2428


Kobi House Toowoomba Health service    Ph: 4616 6446

Gold Coast

The Evandale Practice – Dr Stuart Aitken              Ph: 5510 3122

Gold Coast Sexual Health Service                              Ph: 5687 9200

Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Sexual Health and HIV Service    Ph: 5470 5244


Q Clinic Wide Bay Sexual Health Service                 Ph: 4150 2754


Rockhampton Sexual Health Service        Ph: 4932 5440


Mackay Sexual Health Service                     Ph: 4968 3919


Townsville Sexual Health Service              Ph: 4433 9600

Mount Isa

Mount Isa Sexual health Service                Ph: 4764 0200


Cairns Sexual Health Service                       Ph: 4226 4769

Cairns Doctors                                               Ph: 4041 7099

Barrier Reef Medical Centre                        Ph: 4051 6299

Earlville General Practice                           Ph: 4054 3488


Sites opening February 2017


Metro North Sexual Health Service                         Ph: 3837 5611










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