What do I need to know if I intend to travel overseas with PrEP?

To ensure you continue to adhere to PrEP while overseas, it’s important you have enough supply of PrEP before you depart Australia. It may be difficult or not possible to obtain PrEP while you are in foreign country, so take some steps before you depart. Normally prescriptions from Australia cannot be filled overseas.

Regulation 24 Prescription

Your PrEP prescription will only allow you to obtain one month’s supply at an Australian pharmacy, despite having two repeats.

If you know you will be out of the country however, ask your prescribing doctor for a regulation 24 prescription.  Regulation 24 (or Reg 24) means that, in special circumstances, a PBS prescription can be written so that the quantities for the original and repeats are supplied at the same time.

Australian Pharmacies

When you take your Regulation 24 prescription to your local pharmacist, they can dispense the full three month supply in one transaction (i.e. the original and two repeats are supplied at the same time).

To learn more about REG24 Prescriptions click  HERE

Be mindful that not all local pharmacies will have a three month supply of PrEP (three bottles) in stock, so present your PrEP prescription in advance as your pharmacist may need to order PrEP in for you. Often pharmacies can do this within 24 hours upon presenting your prescription. In most cases payment will be required for pre-ordering PrEP.

Ordering PrEP online from an Online Pharmacy.

If you are ordering a three month supply of PrEP from an online pharmacy, you don’t require a Regulation 24 prescription. Scan your normal PrEP prescription and visit one of the online pharmacies found HERE. Recommended online pharmacies include Green Cross Pharmacy, Dynamix International, All day Chemist and AIDS Drugs Online.

Be mindful that online pharmacies are based out of Australia, so order your PrEP well in advance as international delivery delays can occur.  Delivery can take from 4 to 21 working days, depending which online pharmacy you choose.

Can I travel overseas with PrEP?

It’s rare that someone carrying PrEP overseas will encounter problems, however to be sure it’s best to ask your prescribing doctor for a letter that states:

  • the medication is acknowledged by your doctor
  • the medication is lawfully prescribed
  • the medication is for your personal use.

Carrying PrEP with you

Bring your PrEP in your hand luggage accompanied by your letter in case customs asks to view your medication (PrEP). It’s important with all medications that you keep them in the original packaging with any dispensing labels intact.