My name is Tarriaki and I live in Brisbane. Originally, I grew up predominately in Toowoomba, however I have lived in many regional locations such as Goondiwindi and Boggabilla. My father’s mob [...]



My name is Sean, I come from a small rural place called Bowen in the Whitsundays. Trust me, it’s a hard life growing up next to beautiful beaches. I lived there for 19 years before moving further [...]



Paulo – This is my story. Carnaval and Samba are the colourful multicultural identities. All these Brazilian and African identities I take in my blood and heart to share with everyone including [...]





Vincent’s Story Starting PrEP was an important decision that allowed me to take ownership of my own sexual health. Speaking to my GP in an open and honest way about my sex life has made me [...]


Me? The ‘Latino’ dude studying and enjoying my time on this amazing side of the planet. As with any country in the world, when you first arrive, it can be a little bit scary and daunting to [...]

PrEP Stories: Ray

I came out as gay in the mid 80’s when the AIDS epidemic was picking up momentum and the Grim Reaper adverts dominated just about all media, both straight and gay (1987). It’s probably fortunate [...]

PrEP Stories: Codey

Before starting PrEP my anxiety levels were quite high. Every time I had sex I’d be worried about the condom breaking and it really affected the level of enjoyment. In the past I had encounters  [...]


PrEP Stories: Anthony

Hi my name is Anthony aka The PrEP Bear. I am currently on the PrEP Trial in Queensland where I am a member of a trial group of 50 people where we receive free PrEP for 12 months, with a [...]


PrEP Stories: Phil

On  a visit to Sydney in March 2014 I mentioned to a psychologist friend that I was increasingly having bareback sex. Each time this happened I would beat myself up afterwards – but then [...]

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