Truvada for PrEP will no longer be available on PBS from 1 April 2020.

What’s changed with obtaining PrEP from in-store pharmacies with PBS subsidy?

  • From the 1st of April any PrEP obtained from Australian in-store pharmacies will be generic.
  • Generics include: Apotex, Mylan & Tenofovir EMT GH. Generics provide the same protection as branded Truvada.
  • We suggest you ask your prescribing doctor to leave the ‘Brand substitution not permitted’ box UNTICKED.
  • If your pharmacist is unaware of Truvada brand substitution inform them the generic alternatives include: Apotex, Mylan & Tenofovir EMT GH.
  • It’s expected the supply of PrEP will continue as normal during this time for Australian in-store pharmacies.

Are there any changes with online international pharmacies supply?

Online international pharmacies supply are mostly operating as normal however expect some changes including:

  • Longer delivery times
  • Possible brand substitutions
  • Increased delivery fees from some international pharmacies.
  • Some orders placed before lock-down have been delayed as some international postal service are unable to operate.
  • If you have any questions, contact your international pharmacy directly for updates.

We strongly recommend you order PrEP well in advance to avoid any interruptions to your supply of PrEP

Check HERE for your preferred online international pharmacy website link.

Click here for the full ASHM announcement

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